call me PHAW PHAW

I am me .. simple as that..

im not a bitch, i just have low bullshit tolerance..

i say what i want..i do what i want..i get what i want..
end of story.. ♥

one word to describe me... SPECTACULAR..♥

I'm just a girl with a million things to say but I don't have a million breathes to take. I live my life step by step trying to bring positive energy everywhere to everyone. I love life a lot and live it up to its best. I'd say I'm a kind loving and generous person. So I guess you can assume I have a big heart.
Friends are big part of my life and without them I wouldn't be the person who I am today. I love to experience new things and I'm very adventurous. I keep my friends close and my enemies closer. Maybe that can explain a little more of who I am.

I believe to really find who someone is you must see past what they show of themselves and dig deep into who they really are in the inside. In other words, I give many chances to know someone and someone to know me.

There is no doubt in the world that you may love me or hate me.. I guess you'll have to find that one yourself =)

> i am realistic..
i am romantic..
i am indecisive..
and that's about it..

> i like the whole single party fun thing.. but i love the whole taken, he loves me more thing..

>i do all the types of retarded shit..i cant change the way iam..but if i offended you? ♥
good.. cause i still dont give a F**K..

> i laugh at things that arent funny..i dance to music that shouldnt be dance to..and i smile at things that dont matter..but these are the things that set me apart from everyone else..

>im probably the coolest dork uLL ever meet..♥ ♥ ♥