Friday, July 29, 2011

What is love

What is love?
in MATH, a problem
in HISTORY, a battle
in SCIENCE, its a reaction
in ART, ITS <3
but to ME? Love is always will and simply be YOU

People Cry

People cry, not because theyre weak.
its because theyve been strong for too long

Words Im Scared To Say

Sometimes, I wish you'd pay more attention to my favorite songs because the lyrics sing words im too scared to say  

Friday, July 22, 2011

at the top or on the bottom

Something motivational


His name is Facebook.. Believe me!!

Can you read this?

uhmmm if not? maybe you know. hehe

Modern Bicycle

Cool isnt it?

Latest BMW

Want some ride?

Art and Illusion

What do u think? art or illusion

Attack of the animal

Please dont be scared,!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Accident Prone

Accidental pregnancy,maybe!!

Controversial Kissing Scene

When is the right time to fall in love?

The Hidden Meaning Of The New Philippine Money

Hot Hot Hot Dog

Zoo is the place where lust defies everything

Nice Catch

Warning!! do not close your eyes when playing soccer

Talk n Text , Chot Reyes will Coach PBA Selection Versus Kobe Bryant , Kevin Durant , Derrick Rose and other NBA Superstars on July 23 2011

Tickets will be available through the TicketNet hotline at 911-5555. Reyes earlier posted the prices for the tickets on his Twitter account: Patron P5500, Lower Box P3800, Upper Box A, 1500, Upper Box B 800, General Admission 350.

Telecast at 5:30pm of the same date exclusively in AKTV ch13

How To Play Sepak Takraw